Millard Advisors is a Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area Tax/Investment Advisory firm providing taxwealth management, and payroll serving the self-employed, real estate professional/investor, and other high net worth individuals located nationwide.

We offer high quality tax preparation/planning and superior fee-based asset management, which helps to improve your wealth management strategies. We have built a solid reputation by establishing a working relationship with professionals like you, which is why many of our clients have been with us since we started in 1997.

Need to have your tax returns prepared? Wish you knew a tax professional who not only specializes in someone like yourself but has years of experience? Need more than just tax preparation? Need someone who can evaluate your total financial picture? Have questions during the year you need answered? If any of the above describes your situation, our firm is for you!

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Millard Advisors

When I founded Millard Advisors in 2000, I firmly thought that fee only investment advice was the true model for our firm. By bringing impartial advice we would bring into line our interests with our clients’ interests. My vision was that clients would follow the financial plan, save, spend wisely, and stay invested through thick and thin. Millard Advisors has an uncomplicated, essential mission: To help you make investment decisions that achieve your long-term financial goals. We work closely with you to fashion your plan, guide you through important financial choices, and deliver high-quality service without ever overlooking the focus of our bond: your financial future.

Why We Exist

We exist to provide low stress tax and money management for cautious investors. We do this with our years of experience in assisting people throughout the Tri-State area.


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